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Go-karting for troops: a fun way to support our heroes

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Relieving stress is one of the most important parts of working a full-time job. This is especially important for members of the military who need an outlet for blowing off steam. Go-karting has recently become a popular activity for military personnel, as well as military families looking to spend their free time together.

Troops Love Go-Karts

Go-karting is growing in popularity among military families because of how simple and adrenaline rushing it is. Whether military troops are looking for a venue to hang out as a unit or with their family members, they can benefit from special military discounts. Either way, they are certain to have a good time. LeMans Karting has a track that's conveniently located in Portsmouth. In fact, one member of the air force mentioned that he often goes go-karting with his coworkers to relieve stress.

Using Go-Karts To Relieve Stress

Along with providing simple entertainment, go-karting is a place that people often go to to relieve stress, rather than going to the gym, surprisingly enough. After hours on top of hours at the base, Norfolk and Portsmouth troops commonly spend their time with colleagues or their family at a go-karting center. For example, at LeMans Karting, troops get a discount on services, perfect for blowing off steam after a stressful day at work.

Helping Troops Stay Calm And Focused

As chaotic as go-karting is, it can also give a peace of mind to our ever so busy troops. During deployment, military families mentioned that they prefer to go go-karting over other activities because of how in the moment it is. The kids are able to have fun, even though they may be missing that one family member who is away from home on deployment.

Provide A Healthy Outlet For Troops' Energy

Military families endure a lot of stress, especially when parents are out on deployment. Shannon Rasmussen, a mother of a Norfolk military family, mentioned that her family does not often spend time together, putting stress on the kids. She discusses that after she and her family discovered go-karting, not only do the kids have fun, it also burns the energy that they have not been able to burn due to the limited amount of social outings with the family.

Call LeMans Karting Today!

To conclude, if you or your family is a part of the military and are looking for ways to hangout and burn some stress, try out go-karting! Not only is it exciting, it is a lovely team building experience to have with fellow colleagues or family. LeMans Karting offers a military discount that beats prices anywhere! Visit LeMans Karting’s website today to learn more!

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